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Thinking of condition monitoring solutions to some important facilities or industrial assets? Our acoustic wave (acoustic emission) online monitoring system can provide non-destructive continuous long term remote monitoring of the conditions of your valued assets and facilities during operations. Contact us for a customized solution best to your situations.

Valve Leakage Monitoring

Rotating Device Monitoring

Bridge Cable Monitoring

Wind Turbine Monitoring

Structural Parts Monitoring

Machine Tool Wear Monitoring

Tank Bottom Plate Monitoring


Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a group of testing technologies used in industry to evaluate the properties of a material, component, structure or system without causing damages. NDT includes radiography testing (RT), ultrasonic testing (UT), as well as acoustic emission (AE). Vibration testing is another prominent monitoring and analysis tool used across many industries.

Vibration vs. Acoustic Emission

Vibration Testing and AE Testing

Acoustic Emission

Laboratory Research Solutions

Acoustic Wave (Acoustic Emission) Online Monitoring System

The RAEM series IoT-AE online monitoring system can effectively monitor various industrial facilities. Combined with acoustic emission and the Internet of Things technologies, the RAEM system can accurately monitor the health condition of the operating equipment, remote wireless data transmission, real-time data display on the analysis software and the Cloud Platform, and push alarm notifications promptly the early stage of equipment failure.

RAEM 2 Acoustic Wave (Acoustic Emission) Monitoring

RAEM1 Acoustic Wave (Acoustic emission) Wireless re

RAEM1-6 Acoustic Wave (Acoustic emission) Wireless

QingCheng IoT Cloud Platform

SAEU3H AE System

SAEU3H multi-channel AE system can acquire, analyze and display the AE waveform and AE characteristic parameters, such as peak Amplitude, ASL, Energy, Duration, Counts, Rise time, RMS, Rise counts etc. SAEU3H system can accomplish many AE detection applications.

RAEM1 Acoustic Wave (Acoustic Emission) Detection S

RAEM1-6 Acoustic Emission Detection System

SWAE Software - Acoustic Emission Signal Acquisitio

SAEU3H Multi-Channel Acoustic Wave (AE) System

AE Sensors

The AE sensors “listen to” the acoustic waves (mechanical waves/ elastic waves) from the local source in the material and convert it to electrical signals. Qingcheng develops and manufactures various types of sensors, which can meet the requirements of special occasions.

G80 Resonant AE Sensor_20-180kHZ

GI40 Integral Preamplifier Acoustic Emission Senso

Acoustic Wave (Acoustic Emission)Sensor Model Lis

W500 Wideband AE Sensor

About QingCheng

QingCheng Ltd is a leader global company in IIoT acoustic emission online condition monitoring systems, vibration monitoring system, as well as other non-destructive testing systems.

QingCheng Ltd. develops and manufactures acoustic wave (acoustic emission) systems, Vibration monitoring systems and other measurement equipment for condition monitoring and Non-Destructive Testing since 2000.

Our mission is to provide unattended high quality and reliable online condition monitoring solutions for predictive maintenance of valuable industrial assets in the world.

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